The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that well owners test their water annually.  If you are a small business owner that offers water to the public either directly for drinking or indirectly in your products or services, you are required to do annual testing to meet federal and state water quality standards.
But, as a homeowner with a well, no one is checking your drinking water safety - other than you!
In Microbiology we test for a wide range of bacteria such as:
·        Coliform and E.coli, Fecal Coliform, Enterococci, Heterotrophs (HPC) and Legionella.
In chemistry we can test your drinking water for many known toxins:
·        Toxic Metals (i.e. Lead, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Thallium, Antimony, Beryllium and others)
·        Nitrates,Pesticides, Herbicides, Roundup and inorganic Fertilizers
·        Solvents, Disinfection by products, and more
We test all types of water:
·        Drinking Water
·        Recreational (bathing) water
·        Wastewater (sewage treatment)
·        Dialysis Water
·        Cooling Tower Water
As the local leader in environmental water analysis, Sullivan County Labs is right nearby! Or, if you prefer, enjoy the convenience of our sample pickup:
·        Schedule an on-time sample pickup anywhere in Sullivan, Delaware, Ulster or Orange Counties, and now Wayne County PA as well.
·        Convenient hours every day, open late on Thursdays and by appointment on Sundays.
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