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Our analytical lab is both NYS Department of Health and PA DEP certified to accurately measure constituents in your water and notify you of potential health problems that some of them are known to cause.


AG Environmental / Sullivan County Labs opened for the convenience of local well owners and businesses who need to determine their water safety and evaluate potential contaminants. Today, our state-of-the-art lab offers a wide range of water analyses for potable, recreational, and process water (wastewater sewage treatment plants).  Public water system suppliers, who are regulated by the New York State Dept of Health (or the PA DEP) now have a convenient location to test their water and satisfy government water quality compliance requirements.  


We all know the great taste of the cold, mountain water that comes from our wells, so why have it tested?   


Many contaminants are undetectable to our senses at levels that have been found to be hazardous to human health.  Private well owners can and should check their water for contaminants on a regular basis in order to ensure the quality of the water their well is producing, especially since these wells are not regulated or overseen by anyone else.   The NYSDOH recommends private well owners test their wells at least once a year, at a minimum, for bacterial contamination. Depending on the history of your well or source of your well water, it is also worth considering periodically monitoring water for lead and arsenic content, and, where appropriate, agricultural contaminants such as those found in pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.  Additionally, other well contaminants can come from spilled or leaked heating fuels or other toxic sources, so depending are your specific site circumstances, additional evaluation may be prudent.

Here are a  few common occurrences that can affect the quality of your well water:

  • Flooding or heightened water tables - can lead to septic contamination of your well.

  • Winterizing - stagnation caused by seasonal draining of your home’s water system.

  • Agricultural over-fertilization with urea above the well collection area.

  • New plumbing or the pulling of a well pump - construction/repair contamination.

  • Open/faulty well caps - that could allow mice or bugs to fall in and die.

  • Leaky drums of unknown contents left in the garage/shop/barn from a previous owner.

Understanding that homes on well-water are dependent on their water quality for the functional use of the home, banks, mortgage companies and other financiers will not provide loans for a home that does not have a proven safe to drink water supply. Small businesses whose water is supplied by a private well, in most cases, are required to regularly test their water by the local Health Dept in order to comply with contaminant levels consistent with public health and drinking water safety, but these businesses such as restaurants, nursing homes, daycare centers, hotels, camps, gas stations, etc. can reduce their legal liability by also being proactive.

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